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Northwoods beauty abounds... The calling loons, soaring eagles, jumping fish, rustling leaves, and towering pines are enticements to the serenity seeker. Enjoy spec­tacular night skies, all inky black and speckled with millions of stars that are oh, so bright without the influence of city lights.

Our attractions are largely nature-made with some man-­made interventions to enhance the beauty and enjoyment. Besides being located centrally to most of Marinette County's waterfalls, this area is home to many small lakes as well as the Menominee, Peshtigo, and Pike Rivers for water recreation. Local trout streams are experiencing a resurgence of wild trout as well as those raised and stocked by local organizations under DNR supervision. The thrill of the hunt lures those whose quarry includes deer, grouse, rabbit, bear, and more.

This area offers golf courses and a driving range that attract visitors from great distances. All-terrain vehicle riding has grown tremendously, as has the local trail system to support the sport.

Miles and miles of groomed snowmobile trails are among the best in the State. Being on the extreme southern end of the Lake Superior snow belt often enhances conditions and extends the season here.

Through the forests of this region flow four very fine trout streams: the South Branch 'of the Peme Bon Won, locally known as the Pemenee, the K.C. Creek and the North and South Branch of the Pike River. The Pike River has been declared a Wild River by the Federal Government. This designation brings with it certain restrictions that are meant to keep the river and its tributaries clean and free flowing. The Wisconsin D.N.R. has been active in the purchase of Pike River frontage to ensure that the river will remain in or revert to its natural state. Brook Trout is the dominant species in all the streams. The North Branch of the Pike produces large Brown Trout--24 inchers are not a rarity.

Special Points of Interest:

  • Smalley & Long Slide Falls

  • Miscauno Wildlife Area

  • Morgan Park

  • Miscauno Island

  • Menominee, Pemenee & Pike Rivers

Some of the more scenic spots on the Pike are the Marinette County Park at Twelve Foot Falls, Eighteen Foot Falls on the North Branch, and Horseshoe Falls on the South Branch. All three are in the same general vicinity. Visiting Eighteen Foot Falls and Horseshoe Falls will require a short hike, and the path to each covers rough terrain. Good hiking shoes are a must.

This area has been a popular deer hunting area. town roads, forestry roads and logging trails allow access to most parts of the forest.

Many of the most well-maintained and scenic snowmobile and ATV trails are available in this part of the county, many of which inter-connect with other trails, allowing access to many parts of Northern Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula. New, expanded trailer parking with direct trail access is centrally available at the Dunbar Sportsman's Club, west of Dunbar.