2019-2020 GAC Yearbook

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Rise Up 2020

We have 5 sections to submit photos of your family for our 2019-2020 yearbook. Our goal this year is to have "Zero Zeros"(every student included in the yearbook). We need your help to get as many photos as possible of our students "Rising Up" this year. The link to submit photos is available below. We ask for your email (in case we have questions) and then you may choose which category to upload your photos to. Add as many as you want. Our publications class will take it from there!
Upload your yearbook photos here
When We Grow Up

Have fun with this! Make a sign telling us what you want to be when you grow up. Dress up as your future self(optional). Make a nice sign, add a great smile and snap a photo. Then send it to us!
Rise Up & Learn
All Students

Did you learn something new? Maybe you started to learn how to cook a new recipe. Perhaps you advanced your skills in art or music. Share with us, something you learned or created! What about all of those fun activities you are doing with your classroom teachers? Please share with us!
Safe @ Home Selfies
All Students

Take a selfie of yourself being "Safe at Home".
Rise Up Family
All Families

During our time apart, we want to see what your families have been doing together. Share your fun moments with us! Spirit week photos make great family photos.
Rise Up & Be Active
All Students

Did you capture a photo of your family being active? Send it our way so we are able to add it to this year's yearbook. Have fun with this! Have you completed some of the online challenges? We want to see them all!
playing catch
daily walks
Just Dance

Anything that gets your heart pumping!

Thank you for your support!

2019-2020 Publications Class