Welding Students

NWTC Tech Challenge Winners

The dual-credit enrolled students of Niagara swept the competition in this year's NWTC Tech Challenge. Jon Phillips and Ben Anderson won the Automotive Service competition, both earning scholarships to any NWTC campus or program. Evan Bruemmer (not pictured) and Andrew Niven (Goodman) won the welding competition and scholarships along with Kyle Leffler (Florence) winning gold and an additional $1000 scholarship from the American Welding Society. 

Also pictured are instructor Lance Ellis and NWTC Representative Miranda DeMars. NWTC contacted Mr. Ellis, congratulating him on the success of the group and complimenting him on the amount of talent these students brought to the competition. "These trades competitions are very competitive. To have this amount of success is unheard of. I can't say I'm surprised, because I know how good these men are at what they do. I'm just glad to see that they are recognized and rewarded for their hard work and skill." - Mr. Ellis

Automotive Winners
Ben Anderson Gold Medal and $500 scholarship
Jon Phillips Gold Medal and $500 scholarship

Welding Winners
Andrew Niven Gold Medal and $500 scholarship (front row-left)
Evan Bruemmer Gold Medal and $500 scholarship
Kyle Leffler Gold Medal and $500 scholarship $1000 American Welding Society scholarship